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Register now


You can register via our Registration-Platform Pentek-Payment. Payment can be made via credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or a direct debit from an austrian or german bank account.

IMPORTANT: Take your registration confirmation (that is the one you get after the registration closure via mail) with you, when you pick up your starter package.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Unfortunately there is always the possibilty that you get injured or ill before the run. Please think about the opportunity of a cancellation insurance. Without an insurance we can not give you any money back in case of an injury or illness.
You always have the opportunity to transfer your starting number to another athlete.

Starting time: 3.30pm

Until sunday, 20th of january:49.- Euro
Until sunday, 10th of february: 59.- Euro
Until sunday, 10th of march: 65.- Euro
Until sunday, 14th of april: 69.- Euro
Until sunday, 12th of may: 73.- Euro
Until sunday, 9th of june: 79.- Euro (Registration is open until 12pm)

Last Minute: 89.- Euro

If there are still starting positions available, you can sign up at the start numbers issuance on the 14th/15th of june.
The online redemption of codes is only possible until sunday, 2nd of june (until 12pm). There is no redemption of codes at the start number issuance. Also bought codes lose their validity. Codes are not coupons!

Starting times

(Subject to changes)

Block 1 – YELLOW (top runners only -> Infos)
Block 2 – GREEN (racing -> unter 1h 10min)
Block 3 – RED (ambitious -> unter 1h 25min)
Block 4 – BLUE (unhurried -> unter 1h 40min)
Block 5 – ORANGE (getting through is the main thing -> over 1h 40min)

Last start: TBA

  • You can choose the block at the online registration. Please remember to evaluate your performance adequately and choose the right block for you, this will help everybody and decreases waiting times.
  • We start every 4 minutes with 100 people every session. The start numbers of each block have the same color so everybody with the same color can run together. Within the block: first come, first served.

PENTEK Payment Center
Phone: 0660/3 533 533
Mo-Fr from 9:00 – 13:00