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Run Infos

Date: Saturday, 15th of June 2019
Start/Finish: 4 PM

Donnerstag, 13.6.:
Startnummernausgabe (Infos folgen)

Friday, 14.6.:
Start number issuance (More Infos coming soon)
4pm: Puma Junior Grazathlon

Saturday, 15.6.:
Start number issuance (More Infos coming soon)
4pm: Start of the Grazathlon

More Details coming soon!!!

Until sunday, 20th of january:49.- Euro
Until sunday, 10th of february: 59.- Euro
Until sunday, 10th of march: 65.- Euro
Until sunday, 14th of april: 69.- Euro
Until sunday, 12th of may: 73.- Euro
Until sunday, 9th of june: 79.- Euro (Registration is open until 12pm)

Last Minute: 89.- Euro

If there are still starting positions available, you can sign up at the start numbers issuance on the 14th/15th of june.
The online redemption of codes is only possible until sunday, 2nd of june (until 12pm). There is no redemption of codes at the start number issuance. Also bought codes lose their validity. Codes are not coupons!

Men age classes:
15-35* (1984-2004) / 35-45 (1974-1983) / 45-55 (1964-1973) / 55+ (1963 + older)

Women age classes:
15-35* (1984-2004) / 35-45 (1974-1983) / 45-55 (1964-1973) / 55+ (1963 + older)

Team competition**
Women, Men, Mixed (at least 1 woman / 1 man)

Couple assessment: 2 runners***
Fire brigade assessment ****
Students assessment ****

You can register for one classification.

* If you are born between 25th of May 2001 and 25th of May 2004 you need a letter of agreement from your parents. To participate you have to hand it in at the start number issuance!
** Starting with 4 people (number of members is unlimited) you can participate as a team. The 4 fastest team members will be taken into account. Moreover every runner takes part in the individual time taking. In a mixed team at least one man and one woman will be taken into account. Attention: Keep the right spelling of your team name in mind!
*** Only for men or women in a relationship – no matter the constellation!
**** The valuation is always for the team and for your own. Attention: Keep the right spelling of your team name in mind!

We award:

  • the 3 fastest women and men (no matter their age)
  • the 3 fastest teams (Classifications: men, women, mixed / 4 prizes each)
  • the fastest couple
Starting times

(Subject to changes)

Block 1 – YELLOW (top runners only -> Infos)
Block 2 – GREEN (racing -> over 1h 10min)
Block 3 – RED (ambitious -> over 1h 25min)
Block 4 – BLUE (unhurried -> over 1h 40min)
Block 5 – ORANGE (getting through is the main thing -> over 1h 40min)

Last start: TBA

  • You can choose the block at the online registration. Please remember to evaluate your performance adequately and choose the right block for you, this will help everybody and decreases waiting times.
  • We start every 4 minutes with 100 people every session. The start numbers of each block have the same color so everybody with the same color can run together. Within the block: first come, first served.
  • Starting numbers have the same colour within your choosen block. So changing blocks last minute is not possible.

More infos coming soon!

  • Goodie bag (Event T-Shirt / start number / more goodies)
  • Luggage deposit
  • Toilets
  • Shower & changing room: Information coming soon
  • Refreshment stations
The perfect gift for every occasion!

Order one or more vouchers via e-mail here: You can redeem the voucher until the 2nd of june.
When cashed, we’ll send them to you by mail.

Payment options: bank transfer

Code of honor

15 obstacles – 4 rules

  • To finish and have fun is more important than winning.
  • Safety first
  • Help other participants when they need your help
  • Behave like real sportsmen and sportswomen – don’t jostle or hinder other
    participants, especially not at the obstacles

What to wear

Here are some rules for the right outfit:

  • Shoes: Spikes are not allowed. We suggest running shoes with higher profile.
  • Clothes: We are hoping for good weather so shorts and a t-shirt will be fine.
    Knee protectors or knee length trousers can avoid abrasions.
  • Gloves: We suggest to at least wear cycling gloves to better overcome some obstacles

Arrival & Parking

Parking: We recommend you the public transport!

Housing: Please contact Graz-Tourismus

Tel. +43/ (316) 8075-0

If you are under 18, you have to bring the agreement of participation with you at the start number issuance.

Here you’ll find the download link for the form.

Here you`ll find the conditions of participation!